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Shaping or Successive Approximations

How to go from simple to more complex behaviors just with the aid of a Clicker and a little bit of Creativity!

During this webinar, Claudia will cover the following topics:
  • What is Shaping and where can it be useful in Animal Training? What are the advantages, teaching new behaviours with Shaping? And what can be possible disadvantages?
  • How to get started? How to introduce an animal to the process of Shaping? How can an animal learn to offer behaviors actively?
  • What rules should be followed, to ensure a positive Shaping-process for the animal? What are signs, that something is going wrong?
  • Isolating simple behaviors such as moving specific body parts, nose, paw, mouth, hind legs, etc.
  • Working with and without the use of objects.
  • More advanced behaviors with the different body parts such as pulling, pushing, carrying, increase duration, etc.
  • An outlook on more complex behaviors where the animal has to combine, merge or sequence several actions, such as "cleaning up", retrieve, etc.
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Chaining behaviors, Merging

Recording of my Live-Webinar.

This webinar is a follow-on to the Basic Shaping-Webinar and we will have a closer and more detailed look at these topics: Behaviour Chains, Sequences of Behaviours and Merging.

As a lot of the more complex behaviours we are teaching to our animals belong to one of these three categories, it helps to have a good understanding. This allows us to improve and enhance our training and teach new tasks in a more efficient and precise way to our animals.
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